For Our Clients


As we serve our clients, we find continual enjoyment in problem-solving, creating solutions that are simple, efficient, helpful, and long-lasting. Many of our projects are very different from each other, but we have identified some common themes and presented them on this page. We consider these features to be our core strengths.

  • For our Federal Prime Contractors and Federal Clients we are a certified-HUBZone contract firm.  Please reach out to us by clicking here if you would like us to respond to your needs as a HUBZone certified set aside.

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Bulk Solutions

A great solution is one that can be applied thousands of times with great results every time. We bring value to clients who need a creative solution implemented in bulk quantities.

Solving Difficult Problems

We do what is needed to develop the best solutions. EMTech adapts to the needs of each project. Difficult problems do not frustrate us, they excite us as we search for the best solution for our client. We draw on decades of experience, applied with great flexibility.

Sensitive Environments

Almost all of our work takes place in facilities that are open to the public. If possible, the facility does not close while we work. Some examples include hospitals and historic cemeteries. The requirements vary from project to project, but may include focus and situational awareness.


We are always available and care about our clients concerns. If you have urgent needs, EMTech is ready to work with you to remedy the situation.

Good Communication

“What is going to happen?” “When?” “What is happening with my project right now?” We anticipate these questions and have developed reporting methods to make sure our clients are informed about their project’s goals and progress. We recognize that many of the people we serve absolutely need this information in a timely manner to do their jobs, and we seek to make their experience with EMTech pleasant by providing concise, accurate information about project status.